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Take It Slow, Bro Take It Slow, Bro

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Much To Learn

I understand you were probably going for quirky sounds, but they just grated and were not pleasant to listen to. The persussion was sloppy and unimaginative/repetitive with no development. It would have been nice to have gotten away from the root notes and feature more chord tones within the (beautiful) melodies (that flow through your ears?)

This piece of music didn't really know what it was trying to be and as a result, neither did I. My suggestion would be to decide on what you are actually trying to accomplish musically and go from there.

At the moment it sounds like a mesh of what you think makes a quirky piece of music, but in reality it's not that simple. Silly noises and quirky rhythms will NOT DO. You need to know what ingredients mix well in order for the finish product to be palatable. Keep trying though, you obvioulsy have a keen interest in music.

Feel free to pick my brains, I'd be happy to help.

Esn responds:

To be honest, I did this for an assignment in which I had to write something in a "popular music style". There is very little that is called "popular music" that I can stand, and I don't listen to it and don't know much about it, so I'm afraid I didn't take it very seriously. I tried to find some sort of stylistic thing that's used in a genre of "popular music" - in this case, it was the slow unchanging bassline with offbeat chords. Then I had to try to fill 3:30 of time. There also had to be a tempo change in there somewhere.

It was also done in Reason, whereas I work much better musically in Finale (maybe I'll be uploading something done in Finale soon).

So the way I made it bearable for myself to work under requirements that I didn't really like was to not take it too seriously. I can understand if as a result of that, the music isn't very polished and it doesn't sound as nice.